Regulator finds continued landlord commitment to accurate Charter data

Christine Macleod
Christine Macleod

A report into Scottish social landlords’ use of an annual charter to monitor and report their performance has found a continued strong commitment to accurate data.

Published yesterday by the Scottish Housing Regulator, the report sets out the findings from its visits to a number of landlords to assess the accuracy of information they provided in the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC).

The report highlights some of the positive ways landlords are using the ARC. In particular landlords are actively looking at this information with their tenants, to identify ways to improve services.

Christine Macleod, director of governance & performance, said: “The Charter information helps empower tenants to discuss the quality of homes and services with their landlord. It also enables landlords across Scotland to benchmark their performance, and feeds into our annual assessment of risks to tenants’ interests. So it’s important that this information is accurate.

“Last year, the landlords we visited showed a strong commitment to accurate performance reporting. Our recent visits have found the same commitment. Landlords continue to collect and report accurate data, with a clear understanding of the need to validate their reported performance.

“The landlords we visited were also aware of the importance of effective systems, and having clear audit trails to accurately report their figures. This positive performance can give us, and importantly tenants, confidence in the information landlords provide. Our visits to landlords will continue to be an essential way to maintain this confidence and highlight good practice.”

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