Regulator finds strong landlord commitment to accurate performance reporting

Christine Macleod
Christine Macleod

Landlords show a strong commitment to accurate performance reporting and are responding to the challenges of reporting on the Charter, according to a new report by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The regulator’s latest report in its Performance Matters series sets out the key findings from its visits to a number of landlords to assess the accuracy of information they provided in the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC). It highlights some of the positive ways landlords are using the ARC to improve their performance.

The regulator’s aims for the visits are to help improve accuracy, share positive practice and lessons and build tenants’ and service users’ confidence in the information.

Christine Macleod, director of governance & performance, said: “It’s important that tenants and service users can have confidence in the information landlords report about their performance.

“The landlords we visited are strongly committed to accurate performance reporting and we found they collated most of the data in a way that was straightforward with few errors. Our report also highlights good examples of landlords using the new Charter information requirements to improve their own performance and report information to tenants. We will continue to work with landlords to improve the accuracy of the information they provide.”

The regulator has used the findings to enhance its Charter Technical Guidance and frequently asked questions. This year, it will visit more landlords to look at a wider range of Charter indicators. The Regulator’s Performance Matters report is available here.


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