Regulator highlights importance of applying Charter standards for Gypsy/Travellers

A report highlighting the importance of social landlords meeting the standards and outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter for Gypsy/Travellers has been published by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The Regulator’s report underlines the recommendations for landlords it set out in its thematic report on Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland. It includes information about the rents people are expected to pay at Gypsy/Traveller sites and how satisfied they are with the services they receive.

The report also gives the outcome of visits by its Tenant Advisors to a number of sites across Scotland. A part of the Tenant Advisors’ work was to test the availability of the Regulator’s awareness poster. They found that the poster was prominently displayed at just over half of the sites they visited.

An awareness poster for Gypsy/Travellers

Christine Macleod, director of governance and performance, said: “Over 2,000 Gypsy/Travellers across Scotland can use the sites and pitches provided by social landlords. And it’s important that landlords apply the standards and outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter for the people who use their sites.

“We expect landlords to make clear, accessible information available to Gypsy/Travellers about the standards they can expect and that they have regular access to a site manager.

“All social landlords of Gypsy/Travellers’ sites must display our awareness poster, put in place the recommendations set out in our thematic inquiry report and deliver on the Charter standards and outcomes at all Gypsy/Travellers’ sites.”

The Regulator developed its awareness poster alongside Gypsy/Travellers on its National Panel of Tenants and Service Users. Panel members welcomed the poster as a positive way to raise awareness.

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