Regulator launches national discussion on future of social housing regulation

The Scottish Housing Regulator has launched a discussion paper which sets out its early thinking on the future of social housing regulation in Scotland.

Tenants, landlords and others with an interest in its work are invited to contribute their views by March 30.

The discussion paper details sets out the Regulator’s preliminary thoughts on its future approach, regulatory priorities and how it will work. The Regulator will use the feedback on the paper to develop its detailed proposals for a new Regulatory Framework. It will consult on the new Framework later this year.

One of the important themes in the paper is how landlords and the Regulator can promote a strong tenant voice.

George Walker, the Regulator’s chair, said: “For social landlords, effective ways for tenants and service users to have their voices heard are critical. Our work to date has promoted a strong tenant voice.

“We want to build on the strengths and successes of the existing Regulatory Framework. We also want to learn from our experiences over the last five years, respond to new challenges and consider the future context for landlords.

“We want our work to have the most positive impact that it can, so we have also taken account of the latest thinking in wider regulatory best practice.

“We are keen to hear what people think about our ideas overall, and to get their views on a number of more specific questions. We welcome feedback from all organisations and individuals with an interest in our work.”

The Regulator’s discussion paper explains how it will continue to focus on safeguarding and promoting the interests of tenants, people who are homeless and others who use social landlords’ services.

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