Regulator maintains statutory appointments at Antonine Housing Association

The Scottish Housing Regulator has continued the statutory appointment of a manager and governing body members at Antonine Housing Association for another six month period.

In March 2016, Antonine commissioned an independent investigation which found it had persistently failed to comply with important aspects of its constitutional arrangements over a significant period of time.

Antonine did not have a governing body constituted in accordance with its rules and it was therefore unable to make decisions on behalf of the Association.

In August 2016, the Regulator used its statutory powers to appoint seven members to Antonine’s governing body and a manager to address “serious and urgent risks” to Antonine’s governance and financial management.

After reviewing the intervention in February 2017, the Regulator decided to continue the appointment of a manager and reduced the number of appointees from seven to six until February 2018. The appointments were reduced to five in November when one of the appointees stood down.

In updated regulation plan published last month, the Regulator recognised the “substantial progress” Antonine has made in addressing the serious weaknesses in its governance and financial management.

Last year the Association also entered into talks on forming a partnership with Caledonia Housing Association and is taking forward the arrangements for a transfer of engagements.

The regulation plan also noted this development but revealed that the statutory appointments would continue to review Antonine’s progress.

The Regulator has continued the appointment of the manager and reduced the number of appointees to the governing body to four.

It stated: “Antonine has submitted a business case to the Regulator for the transfer, including its plans to consult with tenants on the proposal. Antonine still requires the support and expertise of a manager and appointees to the governing body to help it progress the proposed transfer of engagements.”

The Regulator will review these appointments in September 2018.

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