Regulator publishes landlords’ latest Annual Assurance Statements

Annual Assurance Statements submitted by social landlords have now been published by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Regulator publishes landlords’ latest Annual Assurance Statements

The Regulator requires all social landlords to submit a Statement each year to confirm that they meet regulatory standards and requirements or to set out how they will address any areas of non-compliance.

Michael Cameron, chief executive at the Regulator, said: “We recognise the efforts landlords have made to prepare and submit their statements whilst they continue to work to tackle the challenges of COVID-19.

“We hope the process has helped them to identify the extent to which COVID-19 may continue to impact on their ability to deliver services and comply with requirements, and that this supports their recovery planning.

“This year for the first time, we also asked landlords to provide us with assurance in their Statements that they have appropriate plans to implement an effective approach to the collection of equalities information and that they have started to consider how they can adopt a human rights approach in their work.

“We will assess the Statements as part of our annual risk assessment and publish the outcomes from this in updated Engagement Plans for each landlord by March 2022. This will include any changes to the regulatory status for RSLs.”

Read the Annual Assurance Statements here.

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