Regulator raises awareness of standards landlords need to deliver for Gypsy/Travellers

Christine Macleod
Christine Macleod

A new poster has been published to raise awareness of the standards that are expected to be delivered for Gypsy/Travellers who use sites provided by social landlords.

Published by the Scottish Housing Regulator, the poster includes information about important areas of landlords’ services such as how quickly and how well repairs are dealt with, the amount of rent people are expected to pay, how the landlord should communicate, and how the landlord is performing.

The poster follows the Regulator’s national thematic inquiry report published last year which highlighted the need for landlords to improve services to Gypsy/Travellers.

SHR gypsy traveller posterThe Regulator has worked directly with Gypsy/Travellers on its National Panel of Tenants and Service Users to develop the poster. Panel members’ feedback has been included and they welcomed the poster as a positive way to raise awareness.

Christine MacLeod, the Regulator’s director of governance and performance, said: “Gypsy/Travellers are entitled to enjoy the same standards in the Charter as tenants and the poster sets out what they should expect from their landlord. We require landlords to display the poster at their sites to raise awareness amongst Gypsy/Travellers of what standards their landlord needs to deliver.”

The Regulator has been working directly with the local authority representative body ALACHO to share the poster with Gypsy/Travellers

Elaine McHugh, chair of ALACHO, said: “We support the Regulator’s efforts to ensure that residents of official Gypsy/Traveller sites are fully aware of their rights under the Charter. By displaying the new poster, landlords will help site residents understand their rights, as well as their tenancy obligations.”

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