Regulator re-affirms commitment to promoting equalities and human rights

Regulator re-affirms commitment to promoting equalities and human rights

Michael Cameron

A newly-published equalities statement has outlined how the Scottish Housing Regulator will meet its duties and its requirements of social landlords.

The statement shows what the Regulator has done to promote equality, and its objectives for the future, which the Regulator said will help focus its efforts in how it regulates in the best interests of tenants and other service users with protected characteristics.

The statement also outlines how the Regulator promotes equality within its own organisation to help ensure that all of its people are treated equally and feel valued.    

Michael Cameron, chief executive of the Regulator, said: “Promoting equality and human rights is integral to all of our work. Our equalities statement re-affirms our commitment to meeting our equality duties and performing our role in a way which encourages and recognises the importance of equality and human rights.

“All landlords must ensure that they fully comply with relevant equalities and human rights legislation. As part of this we require social landlords to work to understand the individual needs of their tenants and other service users, and to work with them to deliver services that recognise and meet these needs.

“We also encourage diversity and promote equality as an employer. We work hard to ensure our staff are knowledgeable on equality and human rights issues so that they are taken into account in how we work.”

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