Regulator unveils new comparison tool with latest Charter reports

Kay Blair
Kay Blair

The performance of Scottish social landlords can now be compared using simple charts and graphs thanks to the latest landlord reports and a new tool from the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The online comparison tool allows tenants and landlords to access the recently published performance information and see how each landlord’s performance compares with last year, against other providers and benchmark performance against the national average.

Published yesterday, the latest reports are based on the information landlords provided in their Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter in the areas that tenants told the regulator matter most: homes and rents, quality and maintenance, neighbourhoods, tenant satisfaction and value for money.

The information will feed into its national analysis due to be published early next year.

The regulator’s early analysis has found that national level, results point to a broad improvement across most of the key indicators featured in the landlord report.

Kay Blair, chair of the Scottish Housing Regulator, said: “Following the launch of our first landlord reports last year, tenants told us they were a useful and accessible way to find out about their landlord’s performance when it comes to the things that matter most.

“Our online comparison tool lets tenants quickly see how their landlord performed this year, how that compares with last year and how it compares with other landlords across Scotland.

“Publishing these reports is about helping to empower thousands of tenants across Scotland and encouraging an open dialogue between tenants and landlords to help achieve the best quality of social housing in Scotland.”

Read the regulator’s reports, access the online comparison tool here.


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