Regulator’s inquiry notes ‘significant’ gas safety progress by social housing sector

SHR gas reportSocial landlords in Scotland have delivered a “strong performance” in providing annual gas safety checks in tenants’ homes, according to a new report published by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The Regulator’s report is the outcome of its national thematic inquiry into how landlords meet their annual gas safety duties for 477,000 tenants across Scotland who use gas in their homes. Social landlords must maintain gas fittings and flues in tenants’ homes in a safe condition and carry out safety checks for appliances and flues at intervals of not more than twelve months.

Landlords reported to the Regulator that 99.9% of their homes had an annual gas safety check completed in 2016/17, up from 98.1% in 2013/14. The Regulator’s report highlights how the most effective landlords recognise the importance of gas safety and promote a culture of responsibility.

George Walker, SHR chair, said: “On the whole, landlords are performing well in delivering annual safety checks. This is very good news for tenants.”

George noted that the Regulator has had a focus on gas safety for more than a decade. He highlighted the significant progress the social housing sector has made over this period.

He added: “We all know too well that we can’t be complacent, that in this matter 100% performance is essential, and there is room for improvement from some landlords on performance and on reporting. But it’s important to acknowledge that this represents significant progress in a crucial area of tenant safety.”

The Regulator analysed national performance information, spoke with tenants, engaged with a sample of landlords and worked directly with the Health and Safety Executive. The report takes a closer look at six case study landlords and shares positive practice.

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