Regulator’s new advisors help keep tenants at the heart of its work

Scottish Housing RegulatorThe Scottish Housing Regulator has recruited a team of tenant advisors as one way of bringing a tenant perspective to the Regulator’s scrutiny of landlords’ services.

The Regulator’s initiative draws volunteer tenant advisors from across Scotland. It builds on the work of tenant assessors, who worked successfully with the Regulator over the last 10 years.

Mike Dailly, SHR board member, announced the new advisors as part of his keynote session at the Tenant Information Service annual conference in the Westerwood Hotel on Saturday.

Mike said: “This is a really positive initiative and a great way of involving tenants in our regulatory work. We recently held a successful induction day with the new advisors. Each year we’ll identify areas of our work where we will involve tenant advisors. This year, for example, advisors will be involved in the update of our significant performance failure leaflet for tenants.

“We’re grateful to the tenants who volunteered and those that have contributed to our work over the years to help us stay focussed on the issues that matter most to tenants.”

In late May the Regulator renewed its commitment to involving tenants in its work by publishing its involvement plans for 2016-18. Mike told conference delegates about the initiatives that sit alongside the tenant advisors, including continuing to engage with tenant groups and working with the National Panel of Tenants and Service Users.

In a wide-ranging speech, Mike also discussed the Regulator’s broader work priorities for this year and the main findings from the most recent Charter national report.

The Regulator’s ‘How we involve tenants and service users in our work’ is available on its website.

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