Regulator emphasises importance of landlords ensuring tenant safety

The Scottish Housing Regulator has written to all social landlords to highlight the importance of meeting their duties to keep tenants and residents safe.

Regulator emphasises importance of landlords ensuring tenant safety

Ian Brennan

The letters come after the Regulator identified that some of the registered social landlords it had been engaging with had been unable to show they met the required duties. This includes those around the management of asbestos and electrical safety.

It also found that the governing bodies of these landlords did not seek or get the necessary assurance that their organisation was meeting its legal duties on tenant and resident safety.

The Regulator requires landlords to assure themselves that they are complying with all relevant duties around the safety of tenants’ homes.

Ian Brennan, director of regulation, said: “Social landlords must ensure they meet all duties on tenant and resident safety and that they obtain the necessary assurances about their compliance. They must ensure that they are taking prompt action to address any non-compliance.

“We will be talking to landlords on how they are obtaining assurance in this area as part of our follow up work on the Annual Assurance Statements.”

Social landlords must submit an Annual Assurance Statement to the regulator by 31st October 2019 confirming whether they meet all relevant legal duties and responsibilities, including health and safety.

The letters to registered social landlords and local authorities are available on the Regulator’s website.

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