Statutory manager to remain at Wellhouse to ‘consolidate recent progress’

Wellhouse_Housing_AssociationThe Scottish Housing Regulator is to continue its statutory appointment of a manager to support Wellhouse Housing Association complete its governance and financial improvement plan and consolidate recent progress.

A manager was appointed to the Easterhouse landlord in December 2014 after an independent investigation at Wellhouse highlighted areas of serious regulatory concern. This appointment was reviewed in June last year and extended again in September when Wellhouse agreed an improvement plan to address its failings.

An updated regulation plan for Wellhouse said: “Wellhouse has made good progress in delivering the required improvements in its governance and financial management and has plans in place to complete the remainder of the improvement actions by May 2016. The governing body recognises the serious nature of all of these issues and the risk they present to tenants’ interests. It continues to work openly and constructively with us.

“In December 2015 Wellhouse completed an options appraisal and concluded that its preferred option was to remain an independent organisation. It now plans to begin recruitment of a new Director. It is also carrying out a recruitment exercise for new governing body members.

“While we consider that Wellhouse has made good progress, the full remit of the manager has not yet been delivered. There are improvements to be completed in areas of significant weakness in Wellhouse’s governance and financial management which are a risk to tenants’ interests and to the reputation of registered social landlords. We will therefore continue to support Wellhouse with the appointment of a manager under section 58 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 as it works through its action plan and consolidates its improvements.”

The regulator will review this appointment again in May 2016.

Christine Macleod, director of governance and performance, said: “Wellhouse has made good progress in working through its improvement plan. The Association has worked constructively with us to address the serious issues it has faced. Continuing this statutory appointment will protect tenants’ interests and ensure the Association has the support it needs to complete its improvement plan.”

The Regulator has published a revised regulation plan.

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