Wishaw & District Housing Association embraces ‘opportunity for fresh start’

Brenda Higgins
Brenda Higgins

Wishaw & District Housing Association has said it has “an opportunity for a fresh start” in its first statement since the Scottish Housing Regulator took statutory action to appoint a manager and five governing body members.

The Regulator announced its intervention on Friday after reports highlighted serious weaknesses in Wishaw & District’s governance, risk management and financial planning.

The statutory manager will support the Board to make key decisions about the future of the Main Street site and to address alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct. The Board now expect to make quicker and better progress as required by the Regulator.

Three Co-optees who have been supporting the Board since August 2016 are now statutory appointees along with another two appointees.

Brenda Higgins, chair of Wishaw & District Housing Association, said: “We are firmly committed to working with the regulator to resolve these issues and develop a clear business plan which addresses the interests of tenants, residents and the wider community.

“With a majority of new board members, there is an opportunity for a fresh start and we are keen to ensure that tenants, residents and staff and fully involved in shaping our future direction.

“I am aware that the failure to develop the Main Street site has been a matter of concern for the local community and I am keen to ensure that this is resolved as part of the current process.

“The chief executive will continue to lead the organisation and manage day-to-day business to ensure good services are delivered to tenants. And he will work with the appointed manager to support him in the specific tasks he needs to take forward with the Board.

“We wish to assure all tenants that our services to you will not be affected by these changes. Ongoing planned maintenance work and our reactive repairs service will continue as will all our other services.”

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