Yoker Housing Association fails to provide assurances of self assessment procedures

Yoker Housing Association has commissioned an independent review of its governance after failing to provide the Scottish Housing Regulator with sufficient assurance of its self assessment procedures.

The Regulator has engaged with Yoker about its governance self assessment since 2017 during which it considered Yoker’s approach and the evidence it used to complete its self assessment. This included its reporting to the governing body and governing body minutes, business plan, risk management information and its approach to internal audit.

In an updated regulation plan, the Regulator revealed that it told the governing body in May it was not assured that Yoker is compliant with the regulatory standards of governance and financial management.

Further information and evidence was provided following the meeting but the Regulator stated once again that Yoker failed to give sufficient assurance on the concerns raised.

To provide the Regulator with the required assurance, in October the governing body agreed to commission an independent review of Yoker’s governance.

The review will assess compliance with the regulatory standards and complete by the end of January 2019. Meanwhile the Regulator will have medium engagement with the Association.

Yoker was registered as a social landlord in 1979. It currently owns and manages 639 homes and provides factoring services to 218 owners. It has charitable status and employs around 11 people.

Yoker has plans to develop around 114 homes for social rent and will receive significant public subsidy to help achieve this.

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