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A Bield retirement housing development in Dunbar is looking for tech savvy volunteers to help expand activities offered to its tenants. Southfield Court in East Lothian is looking for volunteers as part of its Silver Surfer Project, a project that aims to teach tenants how to stay connected to frien

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The aim of Shelter Scotland’s Safe and Sound service is to reduce the risk of homelessness for young people by facilitating family mediation and the safe return home for those who have run away. Where this is not possible, the project, which operates in Dundee and across the greater Tayside and Fi

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Homeless Action Scotland CEO Robert Aldridge talks to Scottish Housing News about the organisation's focus on rough sleeping. Those who are rough sleeping are exposed to a level of vulnerability that thankfully most of us will never face. People who rough sleep are vulnerable to being urinated on, r

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Homeless Action Scotland CEO Robert Aldridge talks to Scottish Housing News about the particular challenges faced by young people who are homeless. One of your main areas of focus is to raise the profile of youth housing issues, are there particular homelessness challenges faced by young p

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A unique partnership project set up by Dunedin Canmore Group and Edinburgh based homelessness charity Four Square, equips vulnerable homeless young people aged 16-21 years with confidence and skills that enable them to address personal issues, take up employment & education opportunities, and im

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Glasgow City Mission has been showing practical Christian Care to those trapped in poverty since 1826. They serve those who are homeless and marginalised in Glasgow City Centre, plus the children and families of Govan through their Child & Family Centre.

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SeAscape is the shortened “user friendly” name for our charity – South Ayrshire Escape from Homelessness Limited. Since 1999 we have been helping people in South Ayrshire who are homeless or in housing need. We started by providing a rent deposit guarantee scheme – this helps people who need

21151-21165 of 21229 Articles