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A home-owner at Bield’s Weavers Court development in Hamilton has celebrated her milestone 100th birthday with 50 of her closest friends and family – including her five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. To kick off Muriel Revell’s birthday celebrations, staff planned a celebratory cof

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Clive Betts MP A UK parliamentary committee inquiry into the effects of banning letting agents’ fees in Scotland has decided that the next UK government should assess the impact on the private rented sector before making any decision to ban or rule out a ban on letting agents' fees in England.

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A Bield retirement housing development in Dunbar is looking for tech savvy volunteers to help expand activities offered to its tenants. Southfield Court in East Lothian is looking for volunteers as part of its Silver Surfer Project, a project that aims to teach tenants how to stay connected to frien

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The aim of Shelter Scotland’s Safe and Sound service is to reduce the risk of homelessness for young people by facilitating family mediation and the safe return home for those who have run away. Where this is not possible, the project, which operates in Dundee and across the greater Tayside and Fi

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Homeless Action Scotland CEO Robert Aldridge talks to Scottish Housing News about the organisation's focus on rough sleeping. Those who are rough sleeping are exposed to a level of vulnerability that thankfully most of us will never face. People who rough sleep are vulnerable to being urinated on, r

25666-25680 of 25751 Articles