Bank of Scotland

Research finds that good neighbours do not necessarily become good friends

Thirty-two years since Neighbours was first aired on Australian TV, new research into how sociable Scots are with those living nearest in the neighbourhood has found we don’t quite live up to the lovable likes of Harold Bishop.

Published 20 March 2017

Scotland’s ‘mortgage freedom date’ slips two days

Scotland’s potential ‘Mortgage Freedom Day’, the date when the average new borrower will have paid off their annual mortgage amount if all their earnings from January 1 are devoted to mortgage payments alone, is two days later than it was last year.

Published 14 March 2017

First-time buyers ‘£860 a year better off’ than renters

New research from Bank of Scotland has concluded that first-time buyers in Scotland are on average £860 a year better off than those who rent.

Published 20 February 2017

Kirkwood Homes to expand with new credit facility

Aberdeen-based housebuilder Kirkwood Homes has announced plans to acquire six new sites in 2017 as it expands its operations to Inverness and Dundee.

Published 26 January 2017

City homes ‘becoming less affordable’

Rising house prices have driven a deterioration in home affordability in Scottish cities for a third consecutive year, according to a Bank of Scotland report.

Published 29 March 2016

First-time buyers ‘£1,440 better off’ than renters

Purchasing a property is a better move than renting for Scottish first-time buyers, research by Bank of Scotland has found.

Published 19 February 2016