Reidvale Housing Association

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Reidvale Housing Association and the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations (GWSF) have expressed their delight that the Association has rejoined the organisation following a unanimous decision of Reidvale’s management committee last week. In January 2024, Reidvale’s

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The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has issued a new list of deadlines for Reidvale Housing Association as the two organisations continue to work towards the landlord returning to full compliance with the regulatory standards of governance and financial management.

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Reidvale Housing Association’s management committee welcomed representatives of the Scottish Housing Regulator as work continues to achieve the necessary standards of regulatory compliance.

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Five new committee members have been elected to the management committee of Reidvale Housing Association following the resignation of previous members.

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The campaign group formed to keep Reidvale Housing Association as a community-controlled housing association has hit out at the appointment of new interim directors and called for public support for change ahead of a Special General Meeting (SGM) next week.

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Members of Reidvale Housing Association have voted to reject the proposed transfer of engagements with Places for People Scotland. At a Special General Meeting held on Monday night, 138 shareholders voted to back continued community ownership with 70 supporting the transfer.

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A campaign group formed in opposition to the proposed transfer of engagements between Reidvale Housing Association and Place for People Scotland (PfPS) is to lobby Reidvale members against the move, lamenting what they see as the loss of an iconic housing association. Reidvale was formed in 1975 and

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Tenants of Reidvale Housing Association have backed the proposed transfer to Places for People Scotland with 61.8% voting in favour of the proposal. The ballot was open for 32 days with 72.9% of tenants casting their vote.

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Eddie Marley, who chairs Reidvale Housing Association's Management Committee, responds to an opinion piece published by Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations director David Bookbinder regarding Reidvale's proposed transfer to Places for People Scotland. We were disappointed

1-15 of 26 Articles