New Alliance to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council is to establish a new Alliance to work towards its aim of achieving a 75% reduction in rough sleeping by the end of the year and ending it completely by 2030.

New Alliance to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping in Glasgow

The formal collaboration will see the partners share responsibility and accountability for, the design and delivery of services and new approaches on a “best for people using services” basis, seeking a culture that promotes and drives innovation and outstanding performance.

According to a council report, success is measured through the collective performance of the Alliance and not the performance of individual partners, thus creating a shared incentive to achieve objectives.

However, the statutory homelessness duties remain the responsibility of the council, the report noted.

Glasgow is one of a select group of early adopter cities on six continents working with the Institute of Global Homelessness to eradicate rough sleeping across the globe.

As a Vanguard City, it will commit to achieving a goal by the end of 2020 that puts it on a path to end rough sleeping by 2030.

A tender contract notice published by the council to establish the Alliance said: “Glasgow City Council (GCC) is seeking to establish an Alliance with provider organisations to end homelessness in Glasgow. The Alliance will plan and deliver a large scale transformational change agenda across the purchased service sector, re-designing and delivering modernised services and support to maximise potential for independent living.

“The Alliance will work in partnership with individuals with lived experience, statutory services, housing providers and others, towards homelessness prevention and sustainable resettlement, minimise time spent homeless and end rough sleeping for Glasgow Citizens.

“Provider partners will be expected to pre-form groups to make joint bids and evidence their ability to work collaboratively to deliver the outcomes of the Alliance.

“The successful pre-formed group will then form an Alliance with GCC. Experience suggests that the optimum size of an effective Alliance would be between six to eight partners, including the commissioning partner.”

The principles set out in the Alliance Agreement are:

  • Co-production;
  • To assume collective responsibility for all of the risks involved in providing services under the Multi-Party Alliance Agreement;
  • Make decisions on a ‘Best for people using services’ basis;
  • Commit to unanimous, principle and value-based decision making on all key issues;
  • To adopt a culture of ‘no fault, no blame’ between the Alliance partners insofar as is practicable;
  • Adopt open book accounting and transparency in all matters relating to the Alliance;
  • Appoint and select key roles on a best person basis; and
  • Act in accordance with agreed Alliance values and behaviours at all times.
  • Ensure the Alliance does not act in a way that damages the reputation of Alliance Partners, the council or the Integration Joint Board.

Last month the Scottish Housing Regulator announced it was to investigate Glasgow City Council’s service for people who are homeless after finding that a “significant number of people” are still failing to receive temporary and emergency accommodation when required.

Using its power in section 42, Part 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010, the Regulator said will visit the council to directly test its performance, with a particular focus on how the council discharges its duty to provide people with emergency and temporary accommodation.

The intervention led Shelter Scotland to drop its legal action taken against the local authority’s “unlawful practice of denying homeless people temporary accommodation”.

The council said it is now working closely with the Regulator and the Scottish Government to improve its services relating to immediate housing need.

Pat Togher, head of public protection, said: “Both are interested in and supportive of the council’s proposal to develop the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness as part of the solution.”

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