Regulator looks back on landlord performance over Charter’s first three years

Michael Cameron
Michael Cameron

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published a report looking back on landlord performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter’s first three years.

Produced to help the Scottish Government in its review of the Charter, the report draws on its regulatory analysis and findings from around a dozen publications since 2014.

It examines landlord performance against each of the Charter’s sixteen standards and outcomes and summarises the Regulator’s key findings for each standard and outcome and provides links to more detailed publications.

The report draws on a range of information and analysis of landlords’ performance. The Regulator has now published three National Reports looking at specific aspects of service and performance trends across all landlords. Alongside these, its thematic inquiries have had a strong focus on specific services to tenants, homeless people, Gypsy/Travellers and factored owners.

Reflecting on the report, Michael Cameron, the Regulator’s chief executive, said: “It’s important that we let tenants and other service users know how their landlord is performing against the Charter and compared with other landlords. The introduction of the Charter gave us the opportunity to get more information to tenants about their landlord’s performance. And tenant feedback has helped us shape our reporting.

“This work is a priority for us, and the new report shows the breadth of our Charter analysis and reporting since 2014. I hope tenants and landlords find it helpful.

“Most social landlords are performing well across almost all of the Charter standards and outcomes. They continue to deliver good services and this is reflected in nine out of ten tenants being satisfied. That said, some landlords have more work to do to improve.”

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