Tenants satisfied with social landlords’ performance, finds regulator

SHR reportSocial landlords in Scotland are performing well against the standards and outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter and either maintaining or improving on the previous year, according to a new report.

The second National Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter from the Scottish Housing Regulator found that landlords continue to provide good services to their tenants with nearly nine out of ten social housing tenants (88 per cent) satisfied with the overall service provided by their landlord.

The things most closely associated with overall tenant satisfaction were landlords keeping tenants informed about their services and decisions; the quality of tenants’ homes; good neighbourhood management; having opportunities to participate; the time taken to complete non-emergency repairs; and the quality of repairs and maintenance to tenants’ homes.

These annual National Reports provide an analysis of the performance information reported to the regulator by social housing landlords across Scotland and are used to focus on specific aspects or trends in the performance information.

This year the analysis focused on the extent to which landlords have improved the services they provide to tenants; the characteristics of those landlords that have improved the most; and the extent to which landlords are making progress towards achieving the Charter standards and outcomes.

Overall, the performance of landlords has broadly been maintained across the sector on 10 out of the 16 Charter standards/outcomes and has generally improved in 6 of the 16 standards/outcomes. There are no outcomes where performance has broadly deteriorated.

The report did reveal variations in performance. RSLs maintained a higher level of performance than local authorities and are reporting smaller changes since last year. By contrast, the local authority sector as a whole is starting behind RSLs in terms of performance, but is improving by more since last year.

Michael Cameron, chief executive of the Scottish Housing Regulator, said: “Overall, tenants are satisfied and landlords are performing well and improving. This is good news since landlords started from a strong position in 2013/14.

“Of course, performance varies and there are individual landlords, both local authorities and RSLs, that are performing less well and have room to improve. It is important for their tenants that those landlords grasp opportunities to improve, and that will also help to drive the sector to an even better overall position.”

The regulator has produced a short video to illustrate the national report’s key findings.

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