Thousands of energy vouchers not redeemed in UK

Thousands of energy vouchers not redeemed in UK

Around one in five households with prepayment gas and electricity meters have not redeemed their energy rebate vouchers.

PayPoint sent out hundreds of thousands of vouchers in November under the UK Government’s support scheme. But the prepayment vouchers are only valid for 90 days – meaning those issued in November have now expired.

Almost one in five households in Scotland use prepayment meters for their gas or electricity. Most households will have £400 automatically taken off their electricity bills in six instalments, or will have the money added to their accounts.

However, those on traditional prepayment meters need the vouchers to get the discount. PayPoint said that 79% of customers have so far redeemed their December vouchers, which have a deadline of March 8.

Customers who have not yet redeemed their January vouchers have until April 9.

Advice Direct Scotland wants to make sure that households do not miss out and has urged Scots to:

  • Check unopened mail, in case the vouchers have been missed.
  • Check with energy suppliers, using contact details found on bills, statements, and official websites.
  • Contact if there are any difficulties getting through to suppliers or resolving issues. The team can be contacted on 0808 196 8660 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm), or through

Conor Forbes, policy director with Advice Direct Scotland, said: “With energy prices still incredibly high, and the cold winter weather continuing, it’s vital that households get all the support they’re entitled to.

“We would urge any households in Scotland who have a prepayment meter to check whether you have been sent a voucher and use it before it expires. It’s concerning that so many people have not redeemed their November vouchers and we don’t want to see a similar situation when December’s vouchers expire next month.

“If haven’t received your vouchers, you should immediately get in touch with your energy supplier or Advice Direct Scotland’s expert advisers.”

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