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Chris Dougray, executive director at CBRE Scotland, provides his take on whether rent controls are a good or bad thing for the housing market. Over the last four decades, the number of homes in Scotland has increased by 34% to 2.65m (in 2020). Within the Scottish housing market, 15% of househol

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Jimmy Black meets the energetic Evie Copland, multi-award-winner and housing evangelist. “The biggest problem is … how do I change the world with this?” Evie Copland is finishing her Master's in Housing Studies, and she has been a distinguished student. In 2021 she won the Malcolm

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Neil Kirk discusses the unintended consequences of rent freezes in Scotland, which have negatively impacted tenants, caused a shortage of rental properties, and deterred investment in the residential property sector. During a cost-of-living crisis, it might be difficult to feel sympathy for landlord

91-105 of 1403 Articles