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Horizon Housing CEO Lorna Cameron calls on housing minister Paul McLennan to move accessible housing higher up the political agenda. The appointment of Paul McLennan as the first dedicated Housing Minister since 2016 brings fresh hope along with expectations that accessibility, one of the most urgen

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Graduate architect Quita Hynd shares her final year project which considered whether to retrofit the recently demolished 219-245 Blackness Road tenements in Dundee. One module available for final year 5th year Architecture students, entitled Macro Micro, explored ‘deep retrofit&

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Following the latest episode of the Scottish Housing News Podcast in which Nick Pollard and Julie McDowell share their environmental, social and governance (ESG) expertise, Jimmy Black ponders what this means for other housing associations and their boards.

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Lara Oyedele, president of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), is asking members to complete their equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) census. CIH is urging members to complete their EDI census to discover what their membership, and in turn, the housing profession looks like across the UK.

61-75 of 1403 Articles