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Julia Unwin David Cameron's victory speech has given a clear indication of the direction of the next parliament, says Julia Unwin chief executive of Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust. The emphasis on compassionate Conservatism gives us cause to hope the reforming Camer

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When Wendy Alexander was the Scottish Communities Minister, she proposed to give housing association tenants the Right to Buy. I was at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations at the time. Along with many colleagues and my boss David Orr, now at the National Housing Federation, we fought it

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By James Battye at Shelter Scotland Last week the Scottish Government published a second consultation on a new private tenancy. This goes further than the government’s initial proposal – which set out the high level principles underpinning the government’s reforms – and gives us an idea of w

1426-1440 of 1472 Articles