Scottish Government

Matilda's Planet comment on Scottish Government fuel poverty

With the Scottish Government announcing that it will not meet its fuel poverty target, there have been a number of recommendations for a different approach to be taken when tackling this issue.

Published 1 July 2016

Crisis hails progress on homelessness in Scotland but warns rough sleepers could be ‘falling off radar’

Crisis, a national charity for homeless people, has questioned whether the statistics published yesterday show the real extent of homelessness in Scotland.

Published 29 June 2016

Homeless applications reduced according to latest report

The number of homelessness applications and the amount of people assessed as homeless in Scotland has reduced during 2015/16, according to a publication today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

Published 28 June 2016

Planning board chair demands inquiry in greenbelt housing appeal

The Planning Board of East Dunbartonshire Council has reiterated its call for a planning inquiry to be held to determine an appeal against refused permission to build 140 homes on greenbelt near Torrance.

Published 5 May 2016

Scottish Government to consider croft house loans

The Scottish Government has said it is prepared to look into potentially reintroducing loans for building croft houses.

Published 10 November 2015

New powers to assist Govanhill rogue landlord crackdown

Glasgow City Council will ask the Scottish Government to designate four blocks in Govanhill as part of an Enhanced Enforcement Area (EEA) in an effort to clamp down on rogue landlords.

Published 10 July 2015

First Minister visits Dunedin Canmore digital inclusion class

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was welcomed by tenants and staff at Dunedin Canmore this week as she saw for herself how a digital inclusion project is increasing job prospects for local people.

Published 9 July 2015

Thenue initiative in Cranhill to promote eco goals

A local initiative led by housing provider Thenue Housing is encouraging people in Cranhill, Glasgow to grow their own food and become more energy-efficient.

Published 9 July 2015

Tax credits plan slammed by deputy first minister

Deputy first minister John Swinney has written a letter expressing his concerns over planned UK government cuts to tax credits.

Published 7 July 2015

Council tax commission calls for evidence

The Scottish Government's Commission on Local Tax Reform has appealed to the public and interested organisations to submit evidence on the future of local government funding.

Published 6 May 2015

£14m loan scheme launched to help tackle fuel poverty

Scotland’s most vulnerable households will receive help to make their homes cheaper to heat following a £103 million investment to tackle fuel poverty.

Published 7 April 2015

Joint Delivery Plan aims to boost delivery of new homes

The Scottish Government is to publish a plan to support the delivery of new homes as new figures revealed the average time to process major housing developments was at its slowest yet.

Published 1 April 2015

New debt law enacted to help financially vulnerable families

New legislation comes into force today which the Scottish Government believes will introduce one of the most modern systems of debt advice and debt management in the world.

Published 1 April 2015

New Scottish property transaction tax comes into effect

A new tax which changes the way people pay duty on house purchases has come into effect in Scotland today.

Published 1 April 2015

Plans to protect tenants from eviction and unjustified rent increases

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation into a reform of the laws in the private rented sector which it hopes will remove the fear of eviction and help tenants to assert their rights.

Published 31 March 2015