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Milnbank Housing Association’s income maximisation team has continued to generate increased year on year financial gains after securing £1,871,907 for its tenants during the financial year ending March 31, 2020. The small team of two advisors responded to more than 2,000 claims, the brea

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s decision to ensure the Local Housing Allowance is guaranteed to cover at least 30% of market rents in a claimant’s area has been welcomed by Shelter Scotland. The announcement came in last week’s package of support for workers in which it was also revealed

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How to eliminate the five-week wait for a first Universal Credit payment is the subject of an inquiry by the UK work and pensions committee. Announcing the inquiry this week, the committee said the Universal Credit process has a “baked in” the wait for the first payment and many organisa

256-270 of 708 Articles