Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council reports rent arrears increase to £1.8m

Aberdeenshire Council has said that it is currently dealing with £1.8 million in rent arrears as the coronavirus pandemic hinders people's ability to pay their rent.

Published 9 June 2020

Plans submitted for new homes in Westhill

Glasgow-based David Williamson has submitted plans to build seven homes and a Co-Op on vacant land on Strawberryfield Road in Aberdeenshire's Westhill.

Published 12 May 2020

Worthwhile Aberdeenshire causes benefit from Community Resilience Fund

Community groups across Aberdeenshire have been awarded grants from the local authority thanks to the Aberdeenshire Community Resilience Fund, a support mechanism approved in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Published 12 May 2020

Aberdeenshire LDP consultation moves online

Aberdeenshire Council is preparing to focus on an online means of public engagement as part of an eight-week consultation on its Proposed Local Development Plan 2020 (LDP).

Published 7 May 2020

Masterplan for old Ellon Academy site gets unanimous approval

Outline plans for new homes, offices and a health centre on the site of the old Ellon Academy site have been agreed by councillors.

Published 5 May 2020

Aberdeenshire Council considers financial impact of coronavirus

Aberdeenshire councillors have been urged to prepare for significant changes to the local authority's financial plans, given the impact of responding to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Published 4 May 2020

Aberdeenshire housing applications to reopen from today

Aberdeenshire Council will begin accepting applications for council housing from today.

Published 1 May 2020

Grampian Assistance Hub hailed for coronavirus services

Partners from across the public sector have been praising the Grampian Assistance Hub which was established last month to help people in need throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Published 30 April 2020

Plans approved for 20 new homes in St Fergus

Aberdeenshire Council has approved plans to build 20 new homes in the north-east village of St Fergus.

Published 23 April 2020

Rent increase postponed by Govan Housing Association

Govan Housing Association has revealed it will suspend its agreed rent increase in light of the current coronavirus circumstances but rent rises at two north east local authorities will go ahead as planned.

Published 3 April 2020

Aberdeenshire Council sets budget for 2020/21

Aberdeenshire Council successfully set its budget for 2020/21 yesterday, setting out its response to coronavirus and the commitment of the council to provide support to communities and businesses, to protect its workforce and to maintain essential critical services.

Published 19 March 2020

Aberdeenshire Council schedules LDP consultation

Aberdeenshire Council is preparing its public consultation as part of an eight-week consultation on its Proposed Local Development Plan 2020 (LDP).

Published 18 March 2020

Aberdeenshire Council to explore choice-based lettings approach

Councillors in Aberdeenshire have agreed to investigate a potential move to a choice-based lettings approach for allocating housing.

Published 5 March 2020

Aberdeenshire growth plans include sites for almost 2,000 new homes

Aberdeenshire Council's LDP has revealed that housing allowances for 2020-2032 will increase to 10,214, a rise of 1,879 homes.

Published 4 March 2020

Aberdeenshire Council sets Council Tax and rent rates

Aberdeenshire Council has set its Council Tax and housing rents for the new financial year as it prepares to fund “vital” services and new infrastructure.

Published 14 February 2020