Bedroom tax

£58m to combat UK government welfare cuts in Scotland

Almost £58 million will be spent mitigating the impact of the UK government’s welfare reform on households across Scotland, it has been announced, as Westminster vows to press on with plans for further cuts to housing benefit.

Published 6 March 2017

Scottish Government fails to reach agreement with Westminster over ‘bedroom tax’

Scottish ministers have yet to reach an agreement with the UK government over a potential reduction in the benefits of claimants in Scotland when the Scottish Government abolishes the ‘bedroom tax’.

Published 23 February 2017

Westminster warned against benefits ‘claw back’ once ‘bedroom tax’ abolished in Scotland

Scottish ministers are to seek assurances from the UK government that it will not reduce the benefits of claimants in Scotland when the Scottish Government abolishes the ‘bedroom tax’.

Published 20 February 2017

Blog: The return of the Bedroom Tax monster?

In a guest blog for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), Shelter Scotland’s Aoife Deery says there are big questions regarding the future affordability of social housing.

Published 25 January 2017

Mixed results for ‘bedroom tax’ challenge at Supreme Court

Social housing sector tenants who challenged the so called ‘bedroom tax’ have received a mixed outcome at the Supreme Court.

Published 10 November 2016

Programme for Government 2016-17 – Housing at a glance

After First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government to MSPs at Holyrood yesterday, Scottish Housing News highlights the details of interest to housing associations and the wider sector.

Published 7 September 2016

Sector welcomes Programme for Government

The Scottish Government’s priority for warm homes has “lit up” the Programme for Government and been welcomed across the sector.

Published 7 September 2016

‘Bedroom tax’ fails to free up larger homes, finds London housing association group

Research by a group of London housing association’s has found that the ‘bedroom tax’ has failed in its objective to free up larger social homes in the city.

Published 18 August 2016

Campaigners urge political parties to make welfare a priority

The Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform (SCoWR) has written to political candidates across Scotland to ask them to commit to using new powers to create a fairer social security system.

Published 15 March 2016

New agency set up to deliver devolved social security payments

A new delivery agency will be set up to administer social security payments worth £2.7 billion when they are devolved to Scotland, social justice secretary Alex Neil announced today.

Published 1 March 2016

Tenants take ‘bedroom tax’ fight to Supreme Court

Lawyers representing people with disabilities and adult carers will go to the Supreme Court today for a 3-day hearing to argue that the ‘bedroom tax’ unjustifiably discriminates against disabled people.

Published 29 February 2016

Holyrood unveils £10.3bn for local government to freeze council tax for ninth year

Scottish local authorities will receive a total funding package of £10.3 billion in 2016-17 as council tax will be frozen for the ninth consecutive year, deputy first minister John Swinney confirmed yesterday.

Published 26 February 2016

97 per cent of annual Discretionary Housing Payments fund already committed

Local authorities in Scotland have spent or committed 97 per cent of the total estimated funding for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) awards during 2015/16.

Published 24 February 2016

Court of Appeal rules ‘bedroom tax’ discriminatory

Judges in the Court of Appeal have declared the so-called bedroom tax discriminatory following legal challenges made by the family of a seriously disabled teenager and by a domestic violence victim.

Published 27 January 2016

Dundee’s ‘bedroom tax’ mitigation fund could top £2m

More than £2 million could be available to tenants in Dundee in the next financial year to offset reductions in their housing benefit caused by the ‘bedroom tax’.

Published 7 January 2016