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Alan Ferguson The Scottish Government’s priority for warm homes has “lit up” the Programme for Government and been welcomed across the sector.

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Campaigners are marking three months to Scotland’s fuel poverty deadline by calling for a three point plan to improve the energy efficiency of the nation’s cold and leaky homes. Members of the Existing Homes Alliance have urged the Scottish Government to redouble efforts by introducing new inves

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A map showing the highest concentrations of cold homes across Scotland Political parties have been urged to commit to ridding Scotland of the “scourge” of cold homes by 2025 after new data revealed that there are up to 1.5 million cold homes in the country.

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The Scottish Government’s draft budget must show significant investment in energy efficiency as a National Infrastructure Priority to end the scourge of cold, leaky homes, according to a number of organisations. The call by CPAG Scotland, RCN Scotland, SCDI and the Existing Homes Alliance follows

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Norman Kerr says the Scottish Government could do more to improve the energy efficiency of homes The debate raged on at the CIH Scotland Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty and Renewables event, supported by Forster Energy, as to whether the carrot or the stick is best at lifting Scotland’s households

46-55 of 55 Articles