Martin Gavin – Homelessness correspondent

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This week, Martin Gavin, Homeless Network Scotland’s head of external relations, looks at the impact of COVID-19 on people who take drugs and what can be learned from what has been put in place so far. Across the UK innovative and pragmatic examples of policy adapting to necessity are surfacin

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A scheme to provide vital food supplies for vulnerable people has delivered more than 500 meals to homes in the Inverness area over recent weeks and is asking businesses to get in touch if they can provide personal protective equipment for the volunteers providing this vital lifeline. Inverness Food

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In his second blog as Scottish Housing News’ temporary special correspondent on homelessness, Homeless Network Scotland’s head of external relations Martin Gavin gives his take on the Emergency Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill. Homelessness is unlikely to be one of the enduring memories of th

1-10 of 10 Articles