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The BBC commissioned two artists, Becky and Louise (also known as Good Wives and Warriors), http://www.goodwivesandwarriors.co.uk/ to create an art work on a gable end in the city to celebrate the Commonwealth Games. Parkhead Housing Association was chosen as the preferred landlord not only because

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Fairfield Housing Co-operative is viewed as a regeneration exemplar in the UK with challenging architecture, innovation and sustainability as key drivers. Fairfield has moved on to other regeneration projects in Muirton Park and successful city centre developments with a further 150 homes planned in

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Fife Bench, Fife Housing Association Alliance – Completed 2012 Designers Chris Eckerlsey and William Warren were commissioned to create a distinctive and contemporary bench to be sited in “places where people like to sit”.

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Cllr Jimmy Black attends a seminar in Perth to launch a series of good practice books on travellers' sites. Theory is easy, real decisions are not. The Scottish Government is working on a new strategy for travelling people; COSLA is wholly behind it; and everyone will pay lip service to it. In short

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The aim of Shelter Scotland’s Safe and Sound service is to reduce the risk of homelessness for young people by facilitating family mediation and the safe return home for those who have run away. Where this is not possible, the project, which operates in Dundee and across the greater Tayside and Fi

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Homeless Action Scotland CEO Robert Aldridge talks to Scottish Housing News about the organisation's focus on rough sleeping. Those who are rough sleeping are exposed to a level of vulnerability that thankfully most of us will never face. People who rough sleep are vulnerable to being urinated on, r

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A unique partnership project set up by Dunedin Canmore Group and Edinburgh based homelessness charity Four Square, equips vulnerable homeless young people aged 16-21 years with confidence and skills that enable them to address personal issues, take up employment & education opportunities, and im

1381-1395 of 1410 Articles