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East Ayrshire Council has agreed the next steps in creating its Local Development Plan 3 (LDP3), which will eventually supersede the current Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) that was approved in March.

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East Ayrshire Council's cabinet spokesperson for Housing, Transport and Communities joined the council's Housing Asset Services to view housing improvement works underway in Auchinleck and Barshare. More than 71% of respondents stated that improving the existing housing stock was their top prio

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At a recent meeting of cabinet, Councillor Douglas Reid, leader of East Ayrshire Council and all elected members present, recognised that tackling poverty and inequality within East Ayrshire was a top priority and took a decision on the future direction of support to local communities and businesses

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Planning decisions in East Ayrshire will now focus more clearly on improving infrastructure, following good design practices, tackling climate change and creating healthier environments for people and nature, thanks to the Council’s adoption of its new Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2).

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East Ayrshire Council's 2024/25 budget has been approved with cross-party collaboration. The budget setting process this year was particularly challenging given the issues in the wider economy and grant funding pressures. Officers presented a balanced budget for 2024/25, having identified a range of

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East Ayrshire Council has agreed to increase Council Tax charges for second homes with the introduction of a premium of 100% from 1 July 2024. This decision was based upon the results of a joint Scottish Government/ COSLA public consultation held last year and subsequent new legislation &n

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East Ayrshire Council has agreed this week to approve the lease of two areas of land and the sale of two properties in East Ayrshire under the Community Asset Transfer framework. Land at Green Park, Newmilns will be handed over under a 10-year lease to Campbell Area Tenants’ and Residents&rsqu

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East Ayrshire Council has agreed an investment of almost £28 million to ensure the council’s house building programme continues and a further £109m to improve existing council homes throughout the region. Since 2010, the council’s house building programme has had a signi

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An Annual Performance Report to Tenants, which sets out the performance of East Ayrshire Council’s Housing Service, has now been published. The report, prepared in partnership with tenant representatives and the East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants and Residents, helps to keep tenants, service

1-15 of 117 Articles