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Philip Whyte, director of IPPR Scotland, discusses the need for the Scottish Government to scrap the two-child limit for Universal Credit or Child Tax Credits. With Keir Starmer’s refusal to commit to scrapping it should Labour form the next UK government, the two-child limit has understa

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The latest poverty and income inequality statistics expose endemic bias in Scotland’s broken housing system, Shelter Scotland has said. The housing and homelessness charity has called for urgent action to deliver more social homes, which it says is the only way to address Scotland’s

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Child poverty in Scotland is projected to fall to its lowest level in nearly 30 years as a result of the actions taken to date and commitments in the second Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan, according to a new report. Updated modelling from the Scottish Government suggests that more than 60,000

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Philip Whyte has been appointed director of Scotland’s progressive think tank IPPR Scotland. Mr Whyte brings to the role significant experience across government and the third sector, with particular expertise in social security, social justice, and education and skills. He joins IPPR Scotland

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A minimum income floor beneath which nobody in Scotland should fall is required if Scotland is to learn the lessons of COVID-19 and take a new and ambitious path, according to research published today by IPPR Scotland. The report published by the think tank puts forward a detailed proposal

1-15 of 28 Articles