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Gowrie Care is a registered charity who aim to improve the quality of the life of everyone we work with. We work throughout Scotland, offer varying levels of support to people in different settings, but in each case we are there to make a difference to people and support them to live their life.

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You operate in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Angus. Do the demographics differ in the issues that cause homelessness? Availability of suitable housing and prevention are key to dealing with the causes of homelessness. The level of preventative work required depends upon the nature of the underlying cause o

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Hello my name is William Young and I am staying at South Fort Street in Edinburgh. I want to let you know a bit about me, I am 42 years old and I have been homeless from 18 years old. I have had my own places and been married for 10 years but all that ended and I became homeless. I have been in a lo

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In a guest blog for Shelter Scotland, Beth Reid, policy manager (Scotland) for Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people, tells of how a shared private tenancy may not be the most obvious option for a single person facing homelessness, but it can offer a workable solution. While shared

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Here are three beautiful portraits which were done by the Kidz Klub at ANCHO about three years ago with the help of a local artist David Reid.

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As Scotland’s housing professionals gather in Glasgow for CIH Scotland’s annual conference and exhibition, making the case for housing means highlighting its impact on the economy, health, education and social mobility says head of policy and public affairs David Ogilvie. As BBC Radio Scotland p

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Who's heard of the Fleming Trust? It's probably the best funded landlord in Scotland, with no debt and all its houses up to the Scottish Housing Quality Standard. Voids are low, arrears are relatively low, and the Trust is now ready to build new homes for the first time in decades. The Fleming Trust

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Craig McLaren, national director for Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Scotland, outlines work the Institute is taking forward that explores what can be done to improve how we plan for housing. There have been a number of comments and debates about planning for housing in the last few months incl

1261-1272 of 1272 Articles
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